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If you want to see change in your life or would like to feel more connected with yourself and in your relationships, you’re in the right place.

I'm Savannah.

I believe that you can change, that you can grow. You may feel stuck in life, relationships, or negative thoughts right now, but that’s where I come in.

As a counselor, my experience allows me to understand the ways to address your needs in an effective manner. I am flexible in my approach and use collaboration as the basis of my therapy. I can help you become a more empowered version of yourself.

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I expect to begin my maternity leave on June 14, 2024. That means that my last day in the office is June 13, 2024. Because of this, I am not taking on any new clients until after my maternity leave.


During maternity leave, I will not be available for any sort of contact. However, if you should need me for any administrative issues, I plan to be reachable via email beginning September 9, 2024. At that time, I also plan to open up my calendar for clients to begin scheduling again on a first-come, first-served basis.


After maternity leave, I am hoping to return to the office and resume seeing clients beginning October 7, 2024. Please note that my schedule availability may look different than before and there is no guarantee of an appointment slot.


Due to the unpredictable nature of pregnancy, labor, delivery, and recovery any of the dates and plans listed above may change without much warning.


You are welcome to ask me any questions about this process between now and my last planned day in the office, June 13.

My Services


50-minute teletherapy sessions

Whatever your reason for seeking out therapy, I’m dedicated to helping you find your way to better mental health. If you are an Oregon or Washington resident, book your first appointment to get started on your journey toward the life you want.